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Work in the 21st century (Part 2)

During the past century the American worker became accustomed to and expected work benefits.   Such as employability stability or security, pension and health career benefits, paid vacation time and promotion opportunities…   However a significant trend has increased in the new century which is the employment of temps.   Temps are employees’ labeled as

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Work in the 21st Century (Part 1)

In the 1990s the world witnessed a rapid international expansion of business and industries.   International mergers and partnerships became common as companies strive to remain competitive and to increase profits.   American workers witnessed their jobs moving to south and Central America–even to Asia   And the result was that few Americans wanted to

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A Reason to Live By

You need a reason to live by but you don’t need just any reason to live by you need a reason to live by that makes sense to you… What do I mean a reason that makes sense to you? I mean a reason or set of reason that fulfills your need to be alive.

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