Tag: Human nature

Everyday moods and existential moods

Moods provide you with an important way of sensing or feeling your own existence. Moods reveal that you are always actively involved in life. And the world you live always matters to you. Some moods go farther as they allow you to sense your existence at much deeper level. These moods reveal possibly disturbing insights

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Anxiety, Dread and Angst

The existentialists think that giving your emotions a place is important when you grapple with the meaning of life… For existentialists trying to be detached and rational to inquire about the meaning of life will not do… As for existentialists the more involved and engaged into your own existence the more emotion play an important

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What the death of God means?

http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/164210727 By the death of God we mean that God has kept all the meaning in the world to himself… Keeping all the value and meaning in heaven… As for Nietzsche only after the death of God you can face the meaningless of the world… And then you would realize that’s it’s up to you

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