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Heidegger systematizes existentialism

Existentialism writing were read by few people in the 19th century And that’s because Kierkegaard and Nietzsche writing styles was non-traditional and extremely personal. What existentialism was lacking is treatment of its ideas into an expansive and systematic work that academics could recognize. This happened when Martin Heidegger’s published his magnum opus (Being and Time).

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Nietzsche declares that God is dead

Although many people call Kierkegaard the founder of existentialism. Imaging it without Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) is hard. Many would give him credit for getting the existential ball rolling. Nietzsche was the son of a Lutheran who has was the latest in the long line of clergy in the family. Nietzsche was headed to the same

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Ten Top Existentialism Themes

What unifies the existentialists are the themes and concerns that tend to show up in their work as here are the top ten themes that recur again and again in existential philosophy as well as in the art, literature, movies and any number of other fields: 1-  Absurdity: For the existentialists life is absurd as

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