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Conclusion of Capitalism: The Bottom Line

Marx’s theory presents us with a serious criticism of capitalism as his theory of historical materialism leads him to claim that the economic forces around us are powerful enough to shape our attitudes about what is valuable in life… This means that the largely individualistic, secular and materialistic outlook that pervades our society has not

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Alienation from other people: Competition

Finally alienation also occurs under capitalism because capitalism separates people from one another… A capitalist economic system enthusiastically encourages competition as people looking for work compete with each other to get a job, and once hired workers compete with each other for raises and promotions. Workers in rival companies compete with each other for customers

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For openers, Marx would say that living under capitalism makes us think that completion is a good thing but instead of cooperating with other people we feel it is more valuable to pit ourselves against them as everyone is a competitor and an adversary. Learning how to advance our own interests against the interests of

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