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For openers, Marx would say that living under capitalism makes us think that completion is a good thing but instead of cooperating with other people we feel it is more valuable to pit ourselves against them as everyone is a competitor and an adversary. Learning how to advance our own interests against the interests of

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Capitalism and Capitalistic Values

Let’s first make sure we have a clear understanding of capitalism. It is an economy in which the means of production—factories, shops, and farms and so on—are owned by private individuals not the government. These individuals are entrepreneurs or capitalists; they take their own money (Capital) and invest it in a business in hopes of

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Karl Marx and Marxism

Karl Marx and his theories are widely misunderstood. Most people for example think that Karl Marx was Russian (he was German) or that he lived in Russia (he spent most of his time in England), or at least that after spending his life as a bomb-throwing revolutionary (he was a journalist and a philosopher). Also

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