Tag: Capitalism

Alienation from our Nature

A third kind of alienation occurs as a consequence of the first two alienation I have previously explained which we give up what we produce to someone else and because the activity of work is itself is unsatisfying then we become alienated from what Marx calls our “species being”. Marx thinks that work should be

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Alientaion from the Process

Alienation also results from what happens on the job as most employees are told what work to do and how to do it. Workers usually have little say in how their skill rare used in their plants and offices or in how their jobs are designed. Managers make the big decisions, set the company goals,

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Alienation from the Product

Under capitalism, Marx says we lose the products of our labor as if we work in a factory we make things but in the end of our shift we own nothing that we produced. Who owns it? The person or the company that hired us. “The capitalist” as Marx always put it keeps what we

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