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Everything has a function and everything happens for a reason

The existentialists disagree with what Aristotle has said that everything in the world has a function. As Aristotle the fourth-century Greek philosopher (384-322BC) has said that everything is connected. What he means by this is that everything that exists can be given a place in a great pyramid like structure. All the things at one

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Anxiety: The existentialist favorite mood

Anxiety is by large the most important mood for existentialists… Like all moods anxiety plays an important role in disclosing insights about your own existence… As everyday moods tell you how you find yourself immersed within a specific worldly situation you are in… On the other hand existential moods such as anxiety disclose insights about

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Everyday moods and existential moods

Moods provide you with an important way of sensing or feeling your own existence. Moods reveal that you are always actively involved in life. And the world you live always matters to you. Some moods go farther as they allow you to sense your existence at much deeper level. These moods reveal possibly disturbing insights

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