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Do you have an essence or are you a nothing?

It isn’t comforting to think that the significance of the world that you have thrown into isn’t grounded on anything. Unfortunately existentialists says that you too as a human being is based on nothing. That you have no essence at all. As when the anxiety mood pulls you out of your everyday life and shows

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Distinguishing anxiety from fear

If you are experiencing anxiety you know it… You feel very unsettled and shaken… But don’t mistake this mood for fear even if it has some similarities with it… Fear and anxiety are focused on different things… A person’s who’s anxious is apprehensive and uneasy… She feels uncomfortable and uncertain… This description sounds like fear

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Everyday moods and existential moods

Moods provide you with an important way of sensing or feeling your own existence. Moods reveal that you are always actively involved in life. And the world you live always matters to you. Some moods go farther as they allow you to sense your existence at much deeper level. These moods reveal possibly disturbing insights

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