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What the death of God means?

http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/164210727 By the death of God we mean that God has kept all the meaning in the world to himself… Keeping all the value and meaning in heaven… As for Nietzsche only after the death of God you can face the meaningless of the world… And then you would realize that’s it’s up to you

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If God is dead, is life meaningless?

Nietzsche will be remembered for saying “God is dead”… And the death of God according to Nietzsche saying in his book (The Gay Science) was bloody and painful affair… But the question here is simply that does the death of God means that life is meaningless? The answer to this question is simple… It’s yes

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Heidegger systematizes existentialism

Existentialism writing were read by few people in the 19th century And that’s because Kierkegaard and Nietzsche writing styles was non-traditional and extremely personal. What existentialism was lacking is treatment of its ideas into an expansive and systematic work that academics could recognize. This happened when Martin Heidegger’s published his magnum opus (Being and Time).

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