Category: The Purpose of our Lives

To follow your heart or to follow your ambition

I think it would be a tough choice for a person to choose between his heart passion for work and his ambition for his working life. What I mean is if the choice for a person in his working life has been settled for him that he knows that he is a storyteller for example.

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Integrating our calling into one vocation

I have previously said that I will explain my work theory that proved to be wrong. And now I have the turn to explain it. Simply this work theory was stating that our work or vocation life consists of three parts. Identity of ourselves: which in part decided what we would be. The Thinking part:

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My work theory proved to be wrong!!

I must admit that I was wrong in how to approach my life’s work. As I thought that if I could combine the two factors of the working life which is: 1- Thinking: To generate money by the creation of a successful website. 2- Creating: which is creating my art but this art will not

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