Category: Islamic Existentialism

Is Life is absurd? Or we just have been created by God in agony?

The typical existentialists think that life is pretty absurd. They think that most people come to the point where absurdity stares them right in the face. And when it comes to this point, you have a choice to make: Stare it back in the face or just walk away. The existentialist’s may disagree about a

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Is Nothingness Means Freedom?

The existentialists claim that anxiety reveals the nothingness at the core of you and your world. As anxiety is linked closely to the claim that you are free. No one starts off wanting to be nothing. You usually feel a strong desire to define yourself in terms of the meanings that the world around you

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Do you have an essence or are you a nothing?

It isn’t comforting to think that the significance of the world that you have thrown into isn’t grounded on anything. Unfortunately existentialists says that you too as a human being is based on nothing. That you have no essence at all. As when the anxiety mood pulls you out of your everyday life and shows

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