My New Graphic Novel is About To Be Published



My new graphic novel (the psychotic patient) is about to be published.

If you are interested in reading it, please submit your email here at my website and I will make sure to notify you once it is released.

Here is the link for book:

The psychotic patient is a story about a man who was born psychologically ill but the circumstances of his life has caused him to suffer from more of his illness. He struggles with his childhood and teenage years but soon he would acquire special powers that lead him to fight and face the people who caused him trouble in his life.

Thank you for your help in advance and looking forward to hear from you soon.

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A Video For The Sake of Your Own Life

Please please please watch this video for the sake of your own life…

This is what I have been trying to say all my life to all people living at our current age…

Here is the video link:

Thank you:))

Work in the 21st century (Part 2)

21st-century-skillsDuring the past century the American worker became accustomed to and expected work benefits.


Such as employability stability or security, pension and health career benefits, paid vacation time and promotion opportunities…


However a significant trend has increased in the new century which is the employment of temps.


Temps are employees’ labeled as temporarily…


To employers there many benefits for hiring temp such as:


1- No benefits payments such as retirement and medical insurance


2- And benefits such as promotions are at the discretion of the employer…


Also a more positive trend emerging from the 20th century and projected in the generations of the 21st century are:


The increase in diversity in the workplace, cutting across all careers and all levels of work.


The percentage of minorities in leadership and other executive positions in the workforce has increased in recent generations…


Finally the major trend that has been shown in the 21st century is simply the emergence of electronic cottage industries


These electronic cottages can be as employees moving from the cooperation’s environment to establish for themselves an online business…