A Reason to Live By


You need a reason to live by but you don’t need just any reason to live by you need a reason to live by that makes sense to you…

What do I mean a reason that makes sense to you?

I mean a reason or set of reason that fulfills your need to be alive.

These reasons can be starting from the location of where you want to live your life.

To the idea of how you’re going to fulfill your potential as a human in your life.

And these set of reason are very important because they are all interrelated to each other.

As starting from where you want and most probably can live is related to how you are going to pursue your purpose in your life.

As Karl Marx had said it all comes down to the factor of money.

As for example if you are aspiring to live in USA and you know that you just can live for example in your own country.

Because you have made your peace with the choice that you will not be able to make money in a frame of work at the US.

Then you have to make your peace with where you want to live.

And you will view that God or any set of higher power that you believe in will make it easy for you to bear your life in the country you are living.

What I mean by making peace with the choice of what God has chosen to you is that…

You may sometimes would want to have something or sometimes you would desire something.

And this something simply can’t be fulfilled by many efforts that you do.

So you have to pray as to God if this something is good for me or if something is bad for me.

Let God choose for you and you will see that the choice that God is choosing for you is make it to your life as an ease.

But again what can be the reason or set of reasons that we need in order to live by our lives in a happy way.

These set of reasons should provide you with a sense that yes these are the reasons that I want to live my life with.

Yes these are the reasons that I want to live my life by.

And yes these are the reasons that make sense to me and that are meaningful to me too.

Which simply these reasons would be starting from how you are living your life with money.

In order for you to spend on your shelter, eat and drink.

And then how well as being you are.

Are you suffering from any illness whether it is physical or psychological which means how healthy you are?

And then a reason for a community around you which means how well is you loved by the people around you.

Are your relationships has meaning and fulfilling in an intimate way.

Or you just your relationship with other people or your community is meaningless and empty.

Then finally you need the reason which can both be combined in one were you can satisfy your hunger for knowledge and beauty.

Whether this means you are able to pursue knowledge in solving your life’s problem/s.

And you are able to pursue beauty in order to satisfy your soul.

Beauty can be anything starting from listening to music to viewing an exciting movie.

Then comes the last reason for living which how you are going to fulfill your potential.

And this reason to find is very complicated because you will be searching for it almost of your life in never ending way.

Just as you reach the conclusion that yes this is what exactly what I want to do with my life because it reflects my identity.

You will soon be in need to support yourself with a reason that this is exactly what you want to do with your life.

As understanding one is enormous task to be.

But in the end you will need all these set of reasons to live by.

As you have seen I have chosen Maslow hierarchy of needs as a way to fulfill our needs for our lives.

Or as a degrees of reasons to live our lives by.

And this can be true in a humanistic-existential approach to living.

But the main idea is how to combine all these set of reasons to be your purpose in the why you want to live your life.

I will be talking more about the last reason in how you can choose your life work by discovering a reason for you to fulfill your potential.

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