Believes that will help you in your life


Existentialists believe that the world is entirely irrational.

It has no necessary structure nor intrinsic meaning.

What they mean by this is that the world has no purpose at all to be discovered nor a big picture or a divine plan that control it.

They disregard the beliefs that everything happens for a reason.

As they think also that events does not fit into a larger cosmic or divine plan.

When a tragedy event happens to someone or some people that insist in believing that this event just happened as it is.

With no hidden reason or wisdom behind it.

They see that troubles in life is not considered as a test or challenge from god to make him forgive you in your life or in redemption day.

All of these believes are atheistic believes and they do not match any religious believes.

On the contrary they make your life living as hell in my opinion.

You need to feel that all your life with its happy and painful events is part of god’s plan to you.

This will make you much more at ease with yourself and your life.

By believing that you are part of the divine plan — You will get the comfort necessary to handle your life.

Do you agree with the above believes or still willing to know more about the existentialist believes?

Stay tuned for more.

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