To follow your heart or to follow your ambition

low angle view of a road sign saying follow your heart

I think it would be a tough choice for a person to choose between his heart passion for work and his ambition for his working life.

What I mean is if the choice for a person in his working life has been settled for him that he knows that he is a storyteller for example.

What he must struggle to choose between is to follow his heart or to follow for what his ambition will provide him.

As to explain more if a person wants to take literature as his career or life work.

He might be ambitious to be earned the Nobel Prize late in his working life.

But this person hates to write fictional novels in its regular form.

He even hates the idea of reading regular novels or fiction books.

But he loves the idea of reading comics books and graphic novels.

He is fascinated by how the comic’s books and graphic novels have rich pictures and words to tell stories.

But he is not sure if he pursued this path or medium in storytelling he would earn the prize equivalent to the Nobel Prize given in regular literature.

So this is the choice he has to make between following his heart passion for creating picture books.

And between following his ambition between creating regular novels.

To me I would go with the heart passion choice.

As it is not guaranteed for this person even if he chooses his ambition life path to earn the Nobel prize for literature.

But he will enjoy every bit of a moment when he chooses his heart passion life path.

Can you think of any idea why the heart passion choice is better?

Please let me know your feedback :))

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