Integrating our calling into one vocation

Final Work Theory 8

I have previously said that I will explain my work theory that proved to be wrong.

And now I have the turn to explain it.

Simply this work theory was stating that our work or vocation life consists of three parts.

  • Identity of ourselves: which in part decided what we would be.
  • The Thinking part: which in part decides how our thinking and stored knowledge can lead to a monetary success.
  • The Creative part: which in part decides how our creativity can lead us to our satisfaction in our chosen vocation.

Here is the diagram attached here to show how I have previously explained my theory to myself and others.

Also we should attach to this theory at the Thinking and the Creative parts the factors of: freedom and how society can view us.

Which Thinking = Knowledge we have = Money = Freedom

Which Creativity = Motivation we have = Satisfaction = How Society View Us

And in all these two parts the thinking and creativity puts into the major part which is our identity as explained in the diagram.

But this theory might theory might be wrong because we need to integrate the thinking part with the creativity part.

To form our identity in just one vocation.

As I will disagree here with Jeff Goins famous book (The Art Work) which states that:

As a sign that you have knew your calling: “it’s is more than one thing”—

“And it integrates well with the rest of your life, not competing but complementing your top priorities”.

We need to integrate all the aspects of making money with how we would be satisfied in our vocation in only one vocation.

This would be my new opinion if we want to find success and be purposeful in our lives.

But how can we do that—May I will think it through and in my next post I will have the answer.

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