My work theory proved to be wrong!!


I must admit that I was wrong in how to approach my life’s work.

As I thought that if I could combine the two factors of the working life which is:

1- Thinking: To generate money by the creation of a successful website.

2- Creating: which is creating my art but this art will not necessarily generate enough money or income for me.

I think that there are some factors in how a people pursue their life work:

1- Either to be an employee at a company or an organization and wait for your paycheck every month.

2- Either to start your own business with the hope that it will succeed on the long run to make a break-even.

3- Which is my choice in my professional life, which is to work as a freelancer earning you money from one gig after the other.

But there are rules for people who accept any of the above working conditions.

1- Never ever put your working life in the hands of un-controllable entity—let me explain:

As if you for example want to create a web business, never ever put the continuous development at your website in an outsource company.

As you need to hire your own developers for the work of development on your website.

And this rule goes for the second factor in how people approach their life work as an entrepreneur.

2- If work as an employee:

You’ve got to feel challenged in your job or you’ve got to find some meaning in your job beyond your paycheck.

Because if you didn’t find meaning in your job beyond your paycheck—You will be simply get alienated in your job.

Which is alienation is a basic setup form in the heart of capitalism economic world that we currently live in.

3- If you work as a freelancer:

I didn’t try it before to work for a client such as on, or even

But I think some work might be interesting for this freelance and some might be not.

In many ways I am trying to work as a freelancer by using the current technology age that we are currently living in such as self-publishing.

As I am trying to earn my living from the income that the published books I publish is giving me.

Which we will see this experience in the future as it will provide me with enough income or not.

These I think are the factors and its rules for our working lives in our current digital age.

As I will be explaining in my next post the work diagram that I was previously thinking that it might work in our working lives.

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