Is Life is absurd? Or we just have been created by God in agony?


The typical existentialists think that life is pretty absurd.

They think that most people come to the point where absurdity stares them right in the face.

And when it comes to this point, you have a choice to make:

Stare it back in the face or just walk away.

The existentialist’s may disagree about a lot of things but they are pretty unified in thinking that life is absurd.

And they say that when you believe that life is absurd then you can try and living with this absurdity in an honest, authentic way.

But we need first to define what existentialist means that life is absurd:

Saying that life is absurd is actually saying a couple of things.

First it sis saying something about the world.

And second it says something about people who face that world.

Then absurdity is the result of putting those two factors together.

Here are the three factors to remember:

1- Absurdity includes an observation about the world—its irrationality

2- Absurdity includes an observation about humans—They long for clarity.

3- Life absurdity results from connecting these two observations.

But in Islam as a religion and in most other religions —People who are believers believe that it may be true that life can irrational.

But in the Quran God has stated that he has created people lives in agony because this is an earthy life according to his wisdom.

And because people are created by God in an agony life.

That’s why existentialist think that the world is irrational and that life is absurd.

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