Is Nothingness Means Freedom?

pretty-cloudsThe existentialists claim that anxiety reveals the nothingness at the core of you and your world.

As anxiety is linked closely to the claim that you are free.

No one starts off wanting to be nothing.

You usually feel a strong desire to define yourself in terms of the meanings that the world around you provides for you.

You want to be able to say that you are this way or that way.

Which is true because you have an essence and your role here in on earth is to discover your unique essence.

As still anxiety will hit you deep in your soul with feelings that you cannot bear.

But anxiety will hit you with these feelings not because you are a nothing and not because you get your meanings for the world around you.

But because you have to choose between different choices in your life.

As usually these choices is summed up in two different choices that you have to choose from.

As you always find yourself between two different choices.

Even if you have defined your essence and said you yourself at last I will not feel anxiety anymore.

You still will find yourself between two choices that encompasses what to do with this essence yourself.

And this is why existentialists means that anxiety always prevails in our lives.

Not because you and every one of us are a nothing.

We are somehow free with defining ourselves with our essences.

Our essence does not take freedom from us.

They say that nothingness means freedom but in my opinion I can’t reject the notion that we all have a deep down in your souls an essence.

And this essence gives us freedom too.

Let me explain how? As when you know your essence you at least know for example that you are a writer or a painter.

Which gives you the freedom of not pursuing other pursuits that will not match who you are.

Still you will feel anxiety because as I have explained before it is an earthy notion.

But at least you have your choices narrowed now.

Which a good thing in my opinion by the way.

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