Do you have an essence or are you a nothing?

maxresdefaultIt isn’t comforting to think that the significance of the world that you have thrown into isn’t grounded on anything.

Unfortunately existentialists says that you too as a human being is based on nothing.

That you have no essence at all.

As when the anxiety mood pulls you out of your everyday life and shows you the world lack of grounding.

It shows you that you lack grounding too.

The mood makes it impossible for you to identify yourself in terms of any meanings that are given by your world.

After all those worldly meanings don’t speak don’t speak to the you that anxiety reveals.

Or in other words, they are just a set of meanings you have been thrown into.

That is what existentialist’s philosophers say.

And they say also that you can begin to sense yourself as different from the world meanings that have been given to you.

In my opinion you may be alienated from the world and this is what your anxiety mood can reveal.

But you do have an essence and everyone in the world do have an essence.

And this essence is what exactly you should base your world and yourself meanings on to.

As they say also that anxiety reveals to you that you are nothing.

Nothing ultimately grounds what your Identity is or what you choose to do in your life.

Also they say that without the world system of pre-given meanings, you don’t at the moment have anyway to define yourself.

But I think they are wrong…Because you do have an essence that define what you are and what you should be doing in your life.

The key here is to discover your own true essence as this discovery will ease out some of the anxiety mood that you feel.

In my opinion, your essence is deeply held into your soul with a set of events controlled by the fate that God is managing your world.

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