Sensing Nothingness or Meaningfulness of the World (Part 2)



I want you to try this quiz yourself: We will call it the anxiety quiz.

Think about the relationship you have with your life–with the way in which you tend to come at life in a general sense.

Answer the following questions about it:

1- Have you even been entertained feelings of alienation and separation from the world of your routine?

2- Do you ever feel as though the whole way in which the world is structured as meaningful by others–has no foundation?

3- Have you ever had a hard time engaging with everyday tasks because they all seem insignificant and without a purpose?

4- Have you ever felt as though the choices you make about how to live are burdensome?

Because you recognize that the choices that you have to make in your life is not merely reflective of the way people around you structure the world and give it meaning?

If you answer yes too many of these questions then you are not alone…

You have sensed the nothingness at your core and at the core of the world.

You feel that although the world is your home, it doesn’t define you.

You sense that you can be more than what you presently are.

Or you maybe sense that if you have changed the time period in which you were born at or the location in which you are living–life will be better.

The typical existentialists says that when you feel anxiety, this feeling separates you from the world.

By yanking you out of your routine.

You become aware of the accidental nature of the system of meanings you have thrown into.

You realize that you surely didn’t have to be born here in terms of time and place.

They say that anxiety reveals to us that the world rests on nothing at all.

And the whole world has no reason to be structured as opposed to some other way.

But in a more religious sense we have to believe that God had created the world in this particular way to play his role of fate in people’s lives.

As you were born in this particular time period and location as a way to play God’s fate role by you.

May be if you don’t like it or you don’t feel that you fit right into this role–then you have no choices.

But the truth is that you do have choices.

As of course the choice is only in location but not time period.

As you can immerse yourself in any culture or location in the world that fits you.

But I don’t think you can travel through time to any time period you like up till now–not yet!

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