Sensing Nothingness or Meaningfulness of the World (Part 1)

English: Unfolding Nothingness...
English: Unfolding Nothingness… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the existential mood of anxiety strikes it’s never aimed at anything particular in the world.

You can’t point to anything as its cause.

“Why are you anxious?” someone may ask…”Oh, it’s nothing” you may reply.

Oddly enough you would be right.

Anxiety is a mood that senses the nothingness in the world at the core of the world and of yourself.

But wait a second as in my opinion is that we feel nothingness in the world and in our selves because this is the earthly life.

We live in.

If we live in heaven then we will not feel any anxiety because there is no nothingness in heaven.

Or because heaven is not built on nothingness.

And this is the core belief in Islamic religion and almost all other religions such Christianity and Judaism.

For the existentialists part of what it means for you to exist is to always find yourself participating with the world in some way.

You always find yourself there or in some situation.

And being in a situation means being affected in certain ways.

You are always in some mood or other and as a result the things in the world stand out to you in certain ways.

But think about this for a moment!

Isn’t it true that the way that a specific situation affects you is greatly dependent on the world in which you were born?

For example if you were born in ancient Rome.

As whole host of different ways of participating, interacting and you being affected would have been open to you.

For the existentialists that doesn’t mean that certain moods are found only in certain time periods or in historical circumstances.

But that means that the ways in which the world and you can look to you are bound to the features of the world in which you live.

And in the Islamic religion this means that you have a certain fate or you have a certain destiny.

You were born in this world in particular by the will of God.

Or you were born in this world in particular because you were destined to born there by the will of God.

But in common existentialism that means that you were thrown into this world that has a past and history and culture surrounding it.

As they say that you certainly didn’t put yourself in it.

As they also say that the way in which you want to understand your world and yourself can be affected by what you have given.

As part of your thrown nature…You say to yourself that I am thrown against my will but if you put yourself in God’s perspective…

This would be your destiny and your fate for what you have been thrown into

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