Having Anxiety Means That You’re An Individual

One of the first things that anxiety reveals is that you’re an individual.

Everyone wants or claims to be an individual.

Unfortunately when anxiety reveals that insight, it will be a little disturbing because it means a bit more than you think.

Let’s explore what anxiety means for being an individual.

The world as a whole can become flavored this way in the mood of anxiety.

The world of everyday tends to fade away and leave an uncanny or unfamiliar world behind its place.

The thing that compose your everyday world of your normal life seem pointless and alien to you.

Anxiety mood gives you the feeling to the question of how to live your life in a meaningful way.

But if you ignore your anxiety mood…you would get lost in the everyday world of things.

And you get lost in the projects that is assigned by people around you.

Anxiety on the other hand individuates you.

It shows you what you are or your significance.

It reveals to you like this “whoa! Three years just went by and I didn’t use these three years in the way that I should be”.

That doesn’t mean that you should not participate in projects assigned to you by your beloved ones or by your family for example.

Because you have to participate in the world in your life projects or with the people who you have common interest with them

I mean that you shouldn’t live your life as an autopilot living every day without a sense of direction or a sense of what life would mean to you.

And this is exactly what the anxiety mood puts in you when you live in an autopilot life.

Also in Islam as a religion it states that when you pray to god or when you remember god your sense of anxiety is a bit reduced.

Which means that you become more secure in yourself knowing that you can live a well meaningful life by remembering god always

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions
English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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