What I should do with my life?


I ask myself this question all through the day…What should I do with my life?
Do I seek a job in my community?
Do I go ahead and try and start a business?
Do I engage in the world with any online project that can produce to me some money?
How I would like to engage in the world depends naturally on my past experiences and the way I can view my world.
Imagine that you are now in a blank slate! Or you have been born in a blank slate.
Does this imagination naturally presumes that you have some ambition for yourself?
Some sort of vision.
I guess so…but I assume also that there would be one thing just one thing that you know or don’t know yet that you can do in your life good.
What would that thing be?
What sort of activity would that thing be if you press hard and asked yourself?
This thing means that you have a certain degree of potential.
This potential might be writing like how I suppose I have this potential.
It can be the knowing of marketing or how you would like to attempt at the process of selling things.
This thing might be liking to fix other mechanical things.
Whatever your potential might lead you…This is where you should start in defining what would you do with your life.
It will not be this easy to know exactly what your thing is but I think the knowing of your potential would make a big difference to your life.

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