Top Ten Islamic Existentialism Themes

Hadith Oliyankara Juma Masjid
Hadith Oliyankara Juma Masjid (Photo credit: Wik

Here are the top ten Islamic Existentialism themes that might be different than the traditional Existential themes published previously:

1- Life is not absurd: for the Islamic Existentialists life is definitely not absurd as life has an ultimate purpose for what we have been created for but still we have to make our meaning or purpose in our lives.

2- Accepting of meaning-giving narratives: Islamic existentialists accepts what previous philosophies, religions and science has to say about life and how these traditions tries to make sense of the world we live in.

Religious Alienation: This is the given that you will be alienated from your life or feel strange in your world but that because God has said in the Koran that humans are created in alienation and misery.

Anxiety: God also said in the Koran that he the creator will examine the human beings by unfortunates such as a bit of fear (anxiety) or loss in money or loss in humans selves and that we have to be patient for God’s unfortunates upon us.

You Can Seek Other’s Help: it is not necessary that you will be alone in this misery but you can seek other humans help in making sense of your existence.

Responsibility: Everyone bears responsibility and this is agreed upon in traditional existentialism but you have to be responsible for your life in terms of many aspects in how you should be living and not to be a burden on your society in many ways.

Authenticity: As in traditional existentialism the Islamic existentialism agrees that people want authenticity — To live in a way that’s in tune with the world truth and in tune with the truth of who they are as human beings.

Individuality: You need to setup your own individual contribution to the world by developing your individuality but not necessary you have to reject: Reason, science and systems to try to cover up the absurdity of life because life is not necessarily absurd in the Islamic tradition.

Passion/Engagement: The Islamic Existentialists agrees that you have to be passionate in your life or engaged as this is an important aspect in living an authentic life.

Death and the believe in God and the after life: As an Islamic existentialist you have to believe in the existence of God and the existence of the after life as death is the ultimate context or turn that will lead for you a better life whether you will be accountant for your sins or good deeds but in the end God has created us to believe in him.


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