What is Existentialism? (Part 2)

Symbol of the three Abrahamic religions.
Symbol of the three Abrahamic religions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Existentialism is the philosophy that makes life possible.

As incomplete as this statement seems when you would understand what it means you are well on your way to understand what existentialism is all about.

But if existentialism is the philosophy that makes life possible you ma ask yourself why you need a philosophy for that, doesn’t oxygen do a pretty good job? Yes quite good—if all you want to do is to breathe as according to existentialists however is that you want to live a full authentic human life—a rewarding and fulfilling life that embraces your human dignity.

For that they would say you need a minimum of oxygen and a healthy dose of existentialism.

On a very general level the problem that existentialists were concerned with was the problem of meaning as in my opinion human beings crave meaning but as I have promised that I will explain Islamic existentialism in my posts…Meaning can be found in an orderly universe  that all religions is making sense of it.

But according to existentialism alone the world is meaningless and there is no orderly sense of the universe.

In Islam as well as Christianity and Judaism—all these religions provide a prior meaning for the universe and provide stories of meaning that we can use to make sense of the world.

The historical circumstance is precisely the one that the existentialists found themselves in as the when the scientific and industrial revolutions come to a head in the 19th century and when society became increasingly secularized…the traditional social order underwent a very radical change in a very short time.

During this period people began to feel disconnected from the traditional belief systems that had helped them make sense of the world and of their lives.

In these conditions people may not literally commit suicide but a kind of spiritual death—(a spiritual suicide) which is a real danger.

This spiritual suicide occurs when people gave up and surrender in the face of what they see as the pointlessness of their existence.

Existentialism is the philosophy that recognizes this problem and attempts to address as if you want up a description of existentialism to start with you might say that existentialism is the philosophy that makes an authentically human life possible in a meaningless and absurd world.

But of course Islam as a religion do not believe that the universe is meaningless or absurd which this would be mainly the key different point between traditional existentialism and between Islamic Existentialism.

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