A More Personal Service


The internet has removed the “middle man” from many areas of business as the travel industry is one example because now travelers can book directly with airlines.
Another example is the book industry where authors can self-publish via the internet taking their fiction straight to readers without the need for literary agents or big publishing houses.
Previously mass production and limited space in the brick-and-mortar stores dictated the range of goods a business can stock but now small businesses selling niche products can thrive because the internet connects them to consumers looking for exactly these offerings.
Small companies can also thrive through customization as digital methods of production and online retailing enable narrowly targeted goods and services to be profitable.
Customized production of a single item is possible—from personalized books, mugs and clothing to customized cars, furniture and even houses can be designed and tailored online.
Customers can now get exactly the item they want delivered at the right time with the right price they are willing to pay.

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