The Weightless Start-up

Starting a business requires almost boundless energy and unwavering commitment and the resilience to deal with risk..

But increasingly the commercial potential of the internet is allowing a growing number of “weightless” start-ups to take flight.

Worlds Collide Onboard the S.S. Jeremiah O’Bri...
Worlds Collide Onboard the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien November 18, 2007. Read the story on . (Photo credit: Wikipedia

These ventures are low on financial resources but high on individual skill and the investment of time to bring their idea to fruition.

Personal passion is an essential ingredient in a successful start-up as Kevin Rose founder of internet start ups Digg, Revision 3, and Milk put it” If you believe in something, work night and weekends—It won’t feel like work”

Even global greats such as Nestle’ foods and Siemens electronics grew from the dreams and aspirations of a small group of people.

These entrepreneurs faced the risk of a new business because they deeply believed in something and were driven to realize their dream, despite long hours, stress and often a string of failures large or small…

These are quickly forgotten when people are doing something they love…

Traditionally the main barriers to enterprise were time and capital—Entrepreneurs from non wealthy backgrounds usually needed full-time jobs to meet the living costs of themselves and their families but without sufficient savings few people could risk a new business venture in the 20th century but today starting a business is much easier…

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