Alienation from our Nature

A third kind of alienation occurs as a consequence of the first two alienation I have previously explained which we give up what we produce to someone else and because the activity of work is itself is unsatisfying then we become alienated from what Marx calls our “species being”.
Marx thinks that work should be an end in itself for humans so we should find it intrinsically satisfying and nourishing as the primary vehicle by which we express and develop ourselves…
But the way things go in capitalism is simply that work becomes only a means to an end not an end an itself because we must earn money in order to live therefore our labor becomes a commodity that we are forced to sell.
Even if we are paid well, our labor is still a commodity that we are selling and as a result of all this we become separated from our true nature.
Of course this would be not exclusively correct because the person as I have mentioned before can choose under capitalism the route of entrepreneurship as thus by choosing the route of entrepreneurship he/she may be in it for to earn money but the kind of project he/she chooses as an entrepreneurship project can be reflective to his/her major interest and passion in life.
Also not all employees are literary selling their labor under capitalism as same goes if the person chooses to be an employee in an interested field of work that a company represents as by choosing his/her interesting and passionate field of work he/she may be choosing a company to work for that work in this particular interesting field.
But to Marx’s way of thinking as being forced to sell our labor as a commodity is literally unnatural and shameful as something like being forced into prostitution…
As sex is a private and special part of ourselves and we feel that it should be completely under our own control…To be forced into sexual acts even for money surely offends all of us as it violates the person and denies his/her basic rights.
Marx sees that our working life is as being just as personal and precious as the core of who we are…
So if what we do as workers determines who we become as people then what we do under capitalism is particularly important…
As to be forced to sell our labor and perform “alienating” labor damages us just as rape damages its victims…
Of course this would be not accurately correct as I have explained why this is not totally true…

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