Alienated Labor

English: Statue of Marx and Engels. A part of ...
English: Statue of Marx and Engels. A part of the Marx-Engels-Forum in Berlin-Mitte. Deutsch: Statuen von Karl Marx und Friedrich Engels auf dem Marx-Engels-Forum in Berlin-Mitte. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If our productive life is positive then we are happy and satisfied with our lives but if our working life does not allow us to express our true selves, to develop our talents and to fulfill our productive nature then our basic expressing needs are not met and we will be very unhappy.
Marx criticism on capitalism hinges on this point as according to Marx it is fundamentally the work under the capitalistic system is unsatisfying and does not make us fulfilled, complete and at one with ourselves. This leaves us deeply unsettled and alienated from our true selves…Marx call this “alienated labor”.
Marx wrote in the middle of the nineteenth century during the development of industrial capitalism and his main image worker was the worker in the factory but I think also his writing covers the white-collar workers as what he is talking about is what would most of us would agree as to be a normal way for how work is designed under capitalism.
Which is large operations, run by professional managers, using the division of labor with the emphasis on machinery and technology as this may be an efficient way to produce goods but Marx thinks that this kind of work goes against the grain of the human spirit.
As overall capitalism can be good for the man the “consumer” but terrible for the man “the producer”.
There will be four types of alienation the worker can be under or going through…I will explain these four types of alienation in my next posts.

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