A capitalism's social pyramid
A capitalism’s social pyramid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Marxists would even argue that the way education is structured is a product of the kind of economy we have as for example some of the qualities we need in employees in order to make contemporary capitalism work efficiently is to adapt to a production schedule and the willingness to meet deadlines.
So we value the ability to concentrate on tasks while surrounded by other people without being distracted and we value the willingness to do what we are told and to wish to compete against the performance both of fellow workers and of workers in other companies.
So the question here is do schools teach these qualities? Yes all the time and these qualities are encouraged just by the way education is conducted particularly in elementary and high schools. As we must come to school on time and have and ironclad excuse for being absent.
Homework has to be done on time as we sit and take tests in a classroom full of people whom we are told to ignore and we follow directions and learn through a largely passive process and we are constantly measured against each other.
A Marxists would argue that education is conducted this way because our capitalist system requires workers who are trained this way.
And of course I can’t express how much we see commercial certificates being sold to people just to enhance their working life skills and their careers.

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    But isn’t it beneficial to have members of society go through a shared experience? A cultural rite of passage? I think of school as a unifying experience for people. Sure some outcomes can be negative but not all of it can be that bad?

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    I think you are right here for people to go through an educational shared experience as a unifying culture of passage can be exactly what people need:) but do you think that some of our current educational courses are somehow being too commercial or being sold as a commodity for itself suiting our capitalistic economy?
    Please let me know your thoughts or please stay tuned for more on capitalism and Marxism here:)
    I really liked your blog and I will be checking it out every now and then…

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    Say, you got a nice blog post. Fantastic.

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    Really appreciate you sharing this article.

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