Do we choose our values?

Engels in 1868
Engels in 1868 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is what Marx means, then when he claims that the (material conditions) of our life—that is the nature of the economy we live in — determine who we are and what we think then Marx maintains that the core values most of us have result from living under capitalism.
And he certainly makes an intelligent case for his claim that whatever the worth of our ideas we have not chosen them independently but they are simply seeped into our hearts.
If Marx is right and I think he is somehow right except that he ignored the (psychological condition) for which I have explained earlier can somehow share the part of determining what we think and who we are.
Then if we both are right then our beliefs are not freely chosen as they are instead determined by forces I will explain later in the book.
But as disturbing as Marx’s insight might seem at first, ultimately it holds some hope as it is only by realizing the influence of these (material and psychological) forces on our minds that we can free ourselves from them and then once we are free, we really can choose what we think and do.

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