Materialistic Values

English: Photograph taken in April 1964 by Jer...
English: Photograph taken in April 1964 by Jeremy J. Shapiro at the Max Weber-Soziologentag. Horkheimer is front left, Adorno front right, and Habermas is in the background, right, running his hand through his hair. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It should come as no surprise by now that Marx sees capitalism as the cause of the (materialistic values) of Western industrial society as numbers, money and profit are what capitalism is all about. Tangible, material wealth is all that counts.
When confronted with something intangible however like the harms done by pollution, hard-line capitalists find a way of putting a price tag even on that via something called “cost-benefit analysis”. As far as they are concerned if it cannot be measured financially, it does not exist as for anything to be worth thinking about, it has to be translated into material terms.
In a culture that exalts material things this way, it is no wonder that so many of us are driven to but things in order to feel good as we define “the good life” in terms of cars, high-tech gadgets, expensive clothes, jewelry, big houses, boats, a high salary, financial security and golden parachutes.
We even elevate the material aspects of ourselves, our bodies, above our minds and our souls…Then how good looking are we? Are we in good shape? And how long can we look that way is all what’s important.
It’s important also here to mention what the German-American psychoanalyst Erich Fromm teaches us about a type of people that exists in our societies and is supported by our capitalistic economy—These type of people Fromm name (the marketing people) as these people are obsessed with image and with how to be successful selling themselves.
Every choice for (the marketing people) is evaluated in terms that reflect status, from the clothes, cars and vacations they buy to marriage into the right social strata.
At worst they are opportunistic, tactless and shallow—This type of people Fromm mentioned is the most representative of modern society under the capitalistic economy.

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