Bettering Ourselves

Social class
Social class (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Marxists can even point to phrases in our language that reveal the impact of capitalism as consider what we mean when we say we want to “better ourselves” for example, what does that phrase mean to you? The average person will say to “ better yourself” means “to make more money” or “to move into a higher social and economic class”, but this does not make sense because making more money is one thing but becoming a better person is another. Yet the culture that judges everything by economic measures we have come to equate one with the other.
If a high-paid executive decided to become a minister and work with the home-less, would most people say that he had “bettered” himself? Most of us would probably praise his selflessness but we would not say he had “bettered” himself. Yet he would face new challenges and he would develop his existing skills and he would do much good by progressing spiritually.
By every measure but one — which he may not progress financially but he would definitely grow and develop as a human being. Yet no one would describe his as “bettering” himself.

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