Paragliding competition
Paragliding competition (Photo credit: fabriceh)

For openers, Marx would say that living under capitalism makes us think that completion is a good thing but instead of cooperating with other people we feel it is more valuable to pit ourselves against them as everyone is a competitor and an adversary.
Learning how to advance our own interests against the interests of others becomes an important survival skill.
As a result we promote competition throughout our society, we especially push athletic competition and team sports as we might say that such contention with its emphasis on winning is good for us as this competition keeps us in shape, rewards us for hard work and builds character.
The Marxists would say however that we are pretty much affected by athletic competition simply because it mirrors the economic completion that is the heart of contemporary capitalism.
But our society could have evolved differently of course as we could have encompassed cooperation which produces equally good results if not better ones instead of completion.
As in a cooperative society, competition and winning to be a “star” and excelling as an individual all these would be seen as “bad taste” as being insensitive to others.
How well we help people who do something less well than we do would be more important than how badly we beat them at it. Competition is not a law of nature and others societies think quite differently about it. Yet Marx claims it is no accident that those in capitalist societies think and behave as they do because they live in a capitalistic economy.

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