How the Material and the Psychological World Shapes Us

Emile Durkheim
Emile Durkheim (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marx’s claim that the material conditions of our lives and especially the economic conditions are the most important force in shaping human history plus its profound implications.
As according to Marx the material features of our lives determine the array of things most of us assume have nothing to do with economics.
In Marx’s eye the material conditions of our lives determine not only what kind of work we do and how we do it but where and how we live and work, the structure and expectations of our private relationships, our personal values and even the forms of our society’s laws, politics, arts and religion.
I think Marx is wrong somehow if he is living currently at our current digital age as the psychological condition plays more important role in choosing currently our type of work as let’s face it no one wants to struggle in a type of job just because it pays well even if this person is desperate for money to live, he/she can have the opportunity to do much decent work with the amount of salary or pay that this work can offer.
Plus we currently don’t base our location to live and the structure and expectations of our private relationships solely in economic conditions as we adore love and likability in our relationships and if love, likability and understanding are do not exist in our private relationships then simply we don’t need these relationships to part of our lives.
Also our personal values is not entirely based on economic factors as we do value ethically based on psychological beliefs in this matter and not to mention that our society’s laws, politics, arts and religion are determined solely by economic or material conditions as we do rely on economic conditions for sure in our government legal system but we do determine these society’s rules based on our society civic agreements and these agreements as I have mentioned can be based on psychological forces stemming from the beliefs and desires of the people.
So again in my opinion the psychological conditions shape us more than the economic conditions.
But if Marx is right that all social institutions own their form and their very existence to the prevailing material conditions plus if he is right that the way we think about everything everyday is entirely determined by material conditions under which we live.
If this is all true then we should see a direct connection between our economic system and the ideas and values that we hold and as a result we will examine the capitalistic economic system in the next section to view any resemblance of why we are not happy with our lives if we don’t even own a purpose for ourselves to live for at the time.

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