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Learn how to live your life authentically and escape the notion of capitalism by finding and discovering your life purpose.

The Purpose of Our Lives

Ever wondered why and what you are here for, what is the purpose of your life and how to live your life fully

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Islamic Existentialism

Ever wondered if there is a substitute philosophy to the atheist existentialism, you will know more about how to combine existentialism with Islam as a religion

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Kareem Kamal El Gazzar

Kareem Kamal El Gazzar is an Egyptian writer who lives and was raised in Cairo Egypt. He has graduated from the Arab Academy for Science & Technology with a bachelor degree in Business Administration on 2004.

He started working at various companies & industries in Egypt until he traveled to Dubai as a qualitative researcher on 2006. He returned to Egypt after three years in order to help Egyptian society by pursuing his entrepreneurship and writing dreams.

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